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Avatar Adventures

 Our focus is on helping parents dramatically improve the lives of their autistic children.

Malachi with SCotch Interactive Avatar

Invirtua Avatar Adventures

Designed to lower anxiety and improve therapy:

  • Many kids seem to love it
  • Easy to learn quickly
  • More focus, more success
  • Practice for serious situations
  • Built-in Client Portal for you
Cody at System

Success Stories

Speech-language therapists have been using our systems:

  • Experience tells them “yes”
  • An “amazing instrument”
  • Kids learn from our avatars
  • Similar to video modeling
  • Good for social skills training
BYU Research

Pioneering Research

MIT’s Dr. Rosalind Picard lead the way for avatars for autism:

  • All autistic kids are unique
  • Bridging communication gaps
  • From the lab to daily life
  • 14 current studies worldwide
  • Recent BYU study published
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Anyone is welcome to join our Autism Community:

  • “Ask The Experts” Section
  • Facebook-style News Feed
  • Articles and News Stories
  • Growing list of Autism links
  • User guides and tutorials

Invirtua’s Advisory Board

Invirtua Advisory Board

We are happy to introduce the Invirtua Advisors. The Invirtua Advisors are professionals and doctors who share their time, expertise and contacts so that our program will help improve the lives of those on the autism spectrum and their families, with high standards of excellence.

We also appreciate the help of professional therapists who occasionally guide us and consult, to make sure we are on the right track with our clients and parents. Parents can work on their own with their kids or incorporate the avatars with the professionals on the team.

“Invirtua Avatar Adventures” In Action

This short video captures highlights of our “Invirtua Avatar Adventures” program with Braeden, an autistic 15-year-old boy who spent last summer in weekly sessions. He worked at home with his therapists and our avatars to improve on his ability to speak in complete sentences. You can see the progress as well as the type of content and the avatar experience here.

I thought Gary’s live animated avatars might engage my client about as well as an app on my iPad. Boy, was I wrong. Invirtua’s technology is amazing. I was fortunate enough to experience a transformation in one of my clients that exceeded my expectations.
Nancy Barcal CCC SLP

Director - Autism Therapist, Granite Bay Speech


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