Invirtua Provides A New Approach

INVIRTUA Animation for Autism joins thousands of families, doctors, therapists, companies and universities to help those who live with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The total number of autistic boys and girls around the world continues to escalate.

Our work over the years with live animation and virtual reality has shown us one way to reach the “inner child” in normal adults, for the purpose of entertainment and attention-getting. During our journey, we’ve also experienced sessions where our work with animated avatars, virtual reality worlds and other technologies is beneficial to some of those autistic children.



INVIRTUA’S MISSION – Our purpose is to help autistic children thrive and reach their greatest potential.

Nearly everyone we’ve ever met loves cartoon characters, and when people have that first-time ever experience of speaking with a cartoon and having it talk back, they are often thrilled and amazed. It gives them an emotional connection to memories of watching Disney or Warner Bros. movies as children, when they were learning how to relate to the world. In fact, most of the Disney movies taught powerful lessons in life and how to live well.

Neuroscientists at several major universities are now organizing studies into virtual reality and autism to learn just how much influence animated characters can have. The hope is that we can help other autistic children, as effectively as Owen Suskind (read the book “Life, Animated”) was helped.

Our new virtual clinic with the telehealth component lets us partner with parents. This is powerful because we bring an unusual form of communication into the home, where it’s safe to work directly with your children in a supervised and friendly environment. And we’ve made sure that your privacy is protected using the same measures that other healthcare professionals use.

We believe live animation in particular has a lot to offer, because of its flexibility, ease of use and the creative opportunities for teaching with real engagement and impact.

Our headquarters are in Carson City, NV. Gary Jesch is the founder of Invirtua and has also created two other companies – CHOPS Live Animation, which provides interactive avatars for tradeshows and special events ( and WideWorld Video, which provides video graphics and digital signage for local businesses in his area (

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Who We Serve

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