Kate Hooven – Invirtua Advisory Board’s Autism Mom

Kate Hooven, Invirtua Advisory Board member, is a Justice System Consultant at Autism Services, Education, Resources and Training (ASERT) Collaborative with Drexel University.

She is also a mom, autism advocate and writer. In her blog, The AWEnesty of Autism, Kate shares her AWEnest stories of how one fun, loving, yet at times, fairly dysfunctional family ride the waves of autism without drowning. She has supported the Invirtua Advisory Board since 2015.

“I would love to tell parents of newly diagnosed children that there is a magical formula or an autism guru that will help you understand and support your autistic child and there is, but, it might not be the elixir you are looking for. The person who is going to guide you on this journey, is not an expert, a specialist or another parent, the person who will help you figure it all out, is the child standing right in front of you. No one wants you to get it more than your child, but, you will need time and patience. And as worrisome and confusing as an autism diagnosis is, there is no one who will be a better ‘expert’ and advocate for your child than you. So you need to make sure you see your child so that others will see them too.

If you would have told me 12 years ago upon leaving the psychologist’s office, evaluation and diagnosis in hand, that one day my son would be preparing for his SAT’s, representing his high school for the second year in a row at District Chorus, participating in his high school musical productions and being a little bit spontaneous, I would have never believed you. Fortunately, I never had to believe you or experts, the only person I ever had to believe in was Ryan.”

One of her most interesting posts was published in 2016 by Today’s Parenting Team, where she wrote about the teacher who helped her autistic son unlock the door to his future.



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