Invirtua’s avatar-based instruction programs are wellness care, not certified or licensed therapy

  • Invirtua services do not include professional certified therapists
  • Our lessons plans deliver curriculum along the lines of intervention
  • Our Avatar Pilots  operate our 3D Digital Puppeteer programs
  • No one type of treatment is effective for every boy and girl
  • Finding the “just-right” combination is what makes the difference
  • Who can be more effective – a certified therapist, a tutor, a TA?
  • It may not be a person, after all!
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Please read this disclosure:


Gary Jesch and other staff of Invirtua at 2201 Kansas St. Carson City, NV 89701 (775-771-4330) are not licensed, certified or registered as a provider of health care in this state or any other.

Health care is different from wellness services.

In my virtual clinic, Invirtua, I provide instruction and assistance for children on the autism spectrum, through the unique experience of interacting with them as computer-generated avatars that come to life in real time, speaking, hearing and seeing like a real person. As an avatar pilot, I use video calls, telehealth technology and the 3D Digital Puppeteer (TM) system, to appear as a custom-designed avatar on your computer or television in your own home.

These calls are typically 25-30 minute sessions where I combine visual and audio content, storytelling and live animation to reduce your child’s anxiety and improve the effectiveness of instructions. I have gained practical experience, working with professional therapists and clinicians in order to provide this service. I do not have professional credentials myself.

No medications or treatments are prescribed or administered at any time by Jesch or Invirtua’s staff.

You, as parents, may choose to consult and hire professional therapists and credentialed caregivers who conduct therapeutic intervention programs and we will be happy to assist with our Invirtua avatars.

Invirtua’s programs include similar instructional content often used by professionals conducting established autism interventions, such as social modeling, speech and language approaches and social interactions training. Invirtua’s avatar pilots consult as needed with professional therapists and advisors to deliver an excellent wellness care experience.

Invirtua’s office operation protects your privacy with full HIPAA compliance and facilitates professional case management and communications with all clients, through an online client portal.

It is recommended that before beginning any wellness plan, you notify your primary care physician or other licensed providers of health care of your intention to use wellness services, the nature of the wellness services to be provided and any wellness plan that may be utilized. It is also recommended that you ask your primary care physician or other licensed providers of health care about any potential drug interactions, side effects, risks or conflicts between any medications or treatments prescribed by your primary care physician or other licensed providers of health care and the wellness services you intend to receive.

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