Easy Instructions to get Video Chat going

Download and Install ooVoo Video Chat App

It’s very easy to install ooVoo using the directions below and you can register through Facebook if you wish. You can even include your Facebook friends and use it for quick video chats for up to 12 people at a time. And it’s free if you don’t mind the ads. For a small fee, you can get rid of the ads. Just follow the steps below.


1. Go to ooVoo.com

Navigate to oovoo.com in your browser and download the ooVoo app to your computer or other device.

avoid oovoo add-ons

3. Hit cancel to avoid add-ons

We recommend hitting cancel to avoid this unnecessary step of installing a rarely used search engine, and it is your choice.

oovoo installation almost done

5. Installation in progress

Now the installation can proceed without further interruption.


7. Add CHOPS as a friend

Right here, you will want to click on this to add us, CHOPS, to your friends. ooVoo will send us the request to approve this addition. You can also add other friends.

chops icon

9. Look for the CHOPS icon

You should see our icon in your search results. This will make it easy to connect with us in the future, just by clicking the picture of CHOPS.

oovoo video window

11. Video window and settings

Here’s where you will change your webcam, microphone and speaker settings. We need to see and hear you as clearly as possible. Sometimes, the best bet is using a headset with a built-in mic on desktop systems.

oovoo vsidebar
installing oovoo

2. Begin installation

Begin the installation – it only takes a couple of minutes to install and then you will register as a user. You can also select the language you’d prefer to use in the ooVoo app at this point.

4. Decline this %22generous%22 offer

While you are at it, simply decline this offer and keep the installation process going. Click on the decline button to bypass this completely.

oovoo installation complete

6. Installation complete

You are done installing the software – the following steps will register you as an ooVoo user and will locate us among the registered ooVoo users. Well done so far. You are getting closer with each step!

find CHOPSlive user

8. Enter our user ID - %22chopslive%22

Type in “chopslive” to locate us as a user in the ooVoo system, and we will be added when we send our approval back. In most cases, our approval will come back to you immediately, especially if we know you are doing an installation. Otherwise, it may take a little while for us to get to our step in this process. Don’t get discouraged, though. We want to help you complete this.

At this point, you can also take some time to connect with other friends of yours who may want to try this out. ooVoo is free if you are OK with ads, or you can pay a small amount and never see another ad. It’s fast, clean and will support up to 12 simultaneous users in high-resolution video and audio. Plus, you can connect with Facebook friends, too.

oovoo installation complete

10. Click to the right of CHOPS to make your call

You will be able to see at a glance if we are online. If so, you can start a video chat or a text chat from this spot. Just click on the camera icon on the right to start your call. If we are not online, you are welcome to send a chat message.

oovoo top menu

12. Check the Top Menu

The Top Menu in this window will appear when you bring your cursor close to the edge, above the webcam pictures. You can set a variety of controls here. The 3D display is nice, high resolution is good if you have bandwidth and you can also record the session, but you won’t pick-up the avatar, because that’s going to show back on our website’s LiveStreaming page.

13. The Sidebar (left) is a good view at first

Selecting “Sidebar” from the View Tab will help you keep an eye on what your own webcam is seeing, at least for the first few minutes of the session. For best results, avoid backlighting, where the lights coming from behind are brighter than your face, and try to keep yourself centered in the middle of the picture. If there are several of you in the room, you can move your webcam further away to get everyone in the shot.

Once the session starts and everyone is happy with the video chat, you can minimize the ooVoo video-chat windows and concentrate on the webpage where the avatar is showing up. Most people like to click on the bottom right corner of the avatar window, which expands it up to full screen. At the end of the session, you can easily click the red “Power” button in the bottom center of the ooVoo video window to close down the video chat session until next time. It should remember all of your settings.

If you have any troubles, you are welcome to start a chat from the green button on the right edge of the page. It is usually monitored or it will automatically let you send over an email, to let us know you need a little help. And once this is all done, be ready to be amazed at the exciting real-time animation and conversations you will be able to enjoy with your friendly avatars.

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