Assisting Autism Therapists

You’ve created a “Circle of Care” around your child. Avatars can become part of that. Our approach comes from what we’ve learned by working with autism therapists.

  • Avatars make autism therapists more effective by reducing child’s anxiety
  • The focus of conversation shifts to the screen and our avatar
  • Your “Family Circle” includes therapists and approved family members in the live calls
  • As your child has more sessions, the autism therapist’s sessions get better
  • Any therapeutic approach can be supported with avatars
  • We include graphics and videos on the screen with the avatars
  • Imagine your child enjoying a therapy session that is effective faster!
  • See how things went at Brigham Young University’s Autism Program
Malachi with Enid Webb
UNR Kids

Our Digital Puppeteer is easy to operate, only takes up a little space and produces high quality animated characters that are controlled in real time, presented on a video screen or via a video call, across the country. These kids at UNR’s Autism Clinic are practicing being “avatar pilots.” The other gear in this photo is used at the clinic for making video recording to train grad students to be therapists.

At the University of Nevada-Reno School of Medicine Autism Clinic, kids take a shot at the avatar pilot duties. The system is very easy to learn. Avatars are controlled with a digital tablet and game controller. The lip sync is automatic, powered with the voice through the microphone and headset. The avatar pilot can see and hear the people in the other room, or in the telehealth session, via a small webcam.

Unviersity students preparing to become professional therapists someday are trained at this autism clinic, so they can work in either position in the two-room setup. When using telehealth, they sit alongside the client in the video call and work through their planned curriculum, with the help of the avatar pilot.

What everyone notices is that the child’s innate anxiety, often a side effect of the autism condition, is rapidly reduced in the presence of the avatars. It becomes less noticeable with every session. And with anxiety reduced, more learning occurs.

During our telehealth sessions, we feature the “Family Circle” where you can include a therapist, grandparent or spouse to participate live in the video call session. Therapists use this opportunity to have a complete program, remotely, without the need for traveling or leaving their own office. And they have complete privacy and security thanks to our Simple Practice virtual clinic. They will get a reminder with the link to the session you have arranged in advance.

Please feel free to ask your therapist to contact us for more information about how avatars can be included in your child’s sessions.

Grandfather and child
Therapist with Girl


In preparation for sessions, we’ll study any info, assessments and IEPs that may help us design and participate in your child’s program, to the best of our ability. Your child’s needs are unique, and you and your therapists know what is best. We watch for the child’s affinities and build on those to create memorable experiences.

Malachi and Mom


We are happy to have some consultations before the sessions start, with you and your people. We also have professional resources such as clinicians and professional therapists who share insights with us as needed. We know the avatar pilot has a big influence on your child. We turn that influence into support.


Our technology lets us bring in graphics on the screen in the form of pictures and videos, to help with challenges. It might be something like a simple cartoon drawing or more exciting, like a video of sharks, that gets a child’s attention. It’s easy to find videos and pictures to put in with the avatars, to help sessions be entertaining.

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