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The questions we most often hear from parents:

Avatar Adventures

Who Works With My Child During Sessions?

The only member of the Invirtua team who will interact with your child directly is Gary Jesch, an experienced Avatar Pilot who has been working with autism therapists, clinicians, and young autistics for many years. We also insist that you and/or one of your child’s other parents or caregivers sit with your child during sessions to provide support as needed.

Simple Practice’s video call service also allows for one additional participant during each session. This can be another family member, an autism therapist, or anyone else that  Invirtua and you jointly approve before your scheduled appointment. If you’d like to set up a video call with four or more attending, let us know, and we’ll arrange a call on a different secure platform.

Will Invirtua Work With My Child's Therapist?

Yes, Invirtua respects autism therapists’ professional training and we welcome their presence in sessions, either in place of or alongside you. Before your child’s Avatar Adventure begins, we’ll discuss session goals and roles with you and your child’s autism therapist in order to come up with an appropriate plan for your child.

When Will I See My Child Make Progress?

The rate that any given child progresses within Avatar Adventures varies based on a number of factors, including a child’s session goals and their interactions outside of sessions. To make your child’s progress something you can see and track, we’ll send you detailed progress reports on a regular basis. You’ll also receive session notes that go over any important observations from each video call.

What you’ll see in our reports will be based on the learning model we use which places what level of support your child needs with a particular social or behavioral skill into one of five categories, from Full Support (meaning your child needs constant adult support in a controlled setting) to Mastery (meaning your child is able to independently apply a given skill in any setting).

What Technology Do We Need to Start on an Avatar Adventure?

You will need an Internet connection as well as a home computer, laptop, or tablet with a webcam and microphone, so we can see and hear your child. During video call sessions, you and your child will be able to see one of our interactive avatars, controlled in real time by a trained Avatar Pilot. We also have an option for Avatar Adventures on your TV at your home.

Privacy and Security

How Does Invirtua Protect My Child's Privacy?

To keep confidential information private and secure, Invirtua uses SimplePractice, a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform with over 100,000 registered practitioners. We use SimplePractice’s “Virtual Clinic” to  schedule appointments, manage your records, collect fees and host video calls. The service also provides you with a Parent Portal for secure access and encrypted message and document exchange between you and us.

We encourage you to take a look at our Privacy Policy for more information on our commitment to client privacy.

Why Does Invirtua Record Videos of My Child's Sessions?

With your permission, Invirtua records videos of your child’s sessions, so we can document your child’s progress and provide you with concrete examples of their improvement. All video recordings are kept in a secure, client-specific cloud-based folder that is available only to you, the Avatar Adventure staff working directly with your child, you, and those you approve via written permission.

How Does Invirtua Manage My Payment Info?

Invirtua uses SimplePractice, a PCI-compliant telehealth platform, to manage your payment information. Typically, clients set up an auto-pay process via SimplePractice which automatically charges your card 24 hours after each session.

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