Autism Telehealth:
Low Tech Video Calls

How to get into our autism telehealth sessions, if you don’t have a computer


  • Bring the Avatar Adventure right into your living room
  • Your friendly avatar will be ready to go at the appointed time
  • Invirtua can provide a device that plugs into your home TV
  • All you need is a WiFi connection to the internet in your home
  • Just turn on the TV and switch to the HDMI input we use
  • Our monthly subscription fee covers device and webcam
  • Call us for immediate assistance if you need help with autism telehealth
Boy at Computer


Our ScreenRay (shown above) and webcam is available for a monthly rental, in case you don’t have a computer at home. You can also use this combination to bring your sessions into the living room effortlessly. Just plug the ScreenRay into the back of the TV, mount the webcam on top and at the time of your appointment, change the video source on your TV to the correct HDMI input. The avatar session will start without entering anything, so no keyboard is required.

The monthly rate is $55 for the ScreenRay rental and there’s a $150 deposit on the device and webcam, which we will refund when we get them back from you.

You will need to have a WiFi connection to the Internet in your home for these devices to work properly. If you don’t have WiFi, we can recommend devices that create a WiFi Hotspot from a cellular connection. The approximate price for the Hotspot with unlimited bandwidth is about $100 a month, and you can use it for your phone, TV and computer.



You and your child can join the video call with the avatar with any devices, from smartphones to tablets, laptop and desktop computer systems. Simply open the link in your Client Portal with your browser at the time of the session.

You may need to purchase a webcam for your desktop or laptop computer, and headsets with microphones come in handy if there is quite a bit of noise around the house. Some parents like to get a headphone splitter so they can also hear and speak in the session.

We like our avatars to interact and communicate with both you and your child during the session. Often, we will discuss what will happen in the session during a prep phone call, so we can coordinate our efforts and continue working on ongoing projects and approaches.

The main thing is to speak with our avatars like they are real people. It’s best to lead by example, to show your child that not only is it OK to talk with Marley or Pooch, but that it is fun and helpful.


You can call us or text at anytime during the session, if you are having technical troubles. We prefer to do a test run in advance, before we start working with your child, so you can make sure you are completely operational. With a session or two, you will be able to easily use autism telehealth sessions to bring your household to life, with interactive cartoon characters that are friendly and understanding, and with content that informs and educates at home, where everyone is safe and sound.

How do you sign up?

Let’s arrange a free consultation to discuss your child’s strengths, affinities, challenges and learning difficulties.
There are several ways you can reach me to make an appointment, starting with using the form below.

Once we get started, you’ll be asked to sign some documents as part of our security and disclosure requirements.
They’ll show up in your Client Portal.

You and your child can do this on your own terms, at your own pace.

Let’s get started and bring on the Avatar Adventures!

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