Invirtua Advisory Board

We are happy to introduce the Invirta Advisors. The Invirta Advisors are professionals and doctors who share their time, expertise and contacts so that our program will help improve the lives of those on the autism spectrum and their families, with high standards of excellence. To learn more about each contributor click on their name to be taken to their biography.

Read Biographies of Invirtua Advisors

Dana Stamos

Dana Stamos has been part of the CHOPS team for many years, so it was a natural fit to bring her into the Invirtua plan. Her experience working with children in the Nevada Special Olympics events over the years and as a performer and strategist with CHOPS have been crucial.

Dr. Tom Buggey

Dr. Tom Buggey is our research advisor and expert on video modeling. In 2007 he was appointed Siskin Chair of Excellence in Early Intervention at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he focused on his line of research in Video Self-Modeling (VSM) and autism intervention.

Dr. Stephen Shore

Diagnosed with “atypical development and strong autistic tendencies” and “too sick” for outpatient treatment, Dr. Stephen Shore was recommended for institutionalization. He’s since become a leading autism advocate.

Dr. Ian Hale

Dr Hale is from the historic City and County of Bristol, England, a member of British Mensa, the Accademia Costantiniana and a graduate of Portsmouth, Bristol and Bath Spa Universities.


Dr. Eric Haseltine

Dr. Eric Haseltine is a neuroscientist and author whose background in psychology led him to hold key positions at Walt Disney Imagineering, Hughes Aircraft, and the NSA. In 2005 he was the first Associate Director of the National Intelligence Agency, working on counter-terrorism.


Jeff Blackwood

Jeff Blackwood is the co-founder, CEO and President of ABPathfinder, responsible for the strategic vision for the company. Jeff ‘s passion for helping children combined with his management skills drove him to be a founder.

Enid Webb

Enid Webb’s journey into speech pathology, coupled with her passion for helping others achieve their full potential through more effective communication skills started over three decades ago in Northern California.


Michael Leventhal

Michael Leventhal pioneered the use of computers for autism education, engaging hundreds of language-impaired students in activities promoting metacognition, communication and volition.


Andrea Para

Andrea uses her technical skills to help develop more intelligent patient therapies, specializing in medical devices. She received her PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2012…


Nancy Barcal

Nancy Barcal is a speech-language pathologist and director of Granite Bay Speech in the Sacramento, CA area. She has experience as an educator treating language, communication, and learning disabilities.


Ken Caldwell

Ken Caldwell is an attorney and former Texas Certified Public Accountant with over 25 years of legal, SEC compliance and corporate accounting experience in both domestic and international positions.


Kate Hooven

Kate Hooven is a Justice System Consultant at Autism Services, Education, Resources and Training (ASERT) Collaborative with Drexel University. She’s known in autism as an “awesome” mommy blogger.


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