Virtual Characters and Interactive Avatars

These are characters that are easy for kids of all ages to love

Interactive Cartoon Characters

There’s no way of knowing which characters will appeal to which children, and so we have many to choose from in our collection. Each one has its own set of facial expressions and emotions, gestures and body language and way of speaking – essentially its own personality. The performer is completely necessary to make them work. Our live animation system is like a jump rope – nothing happens unless you pick it up and turn the handle. That’s when the fun begins!

Each of Invirtua digital characters has its own set of facial expressions, custom animations, video backgrounds and overlays, and even complete “rooms,” in the case of the Dancing Babies, who also have some pretty amazing dance moves.

“I love, love, love Invirtua’s 3D Digital Puppeteer system. It was very easy to learn and we saw a subject generalize his learnings within a few weeks – real progress!”

Dr. Debra Vigil

Assoc. Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, University of Nevada-Reno School of Medicine Speech and Audiology Clinic

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