Support For Your Child Dealing with Autism and Other Disorders

Telehealth learning sessions using animation for autism and hosted by interactive avatars, tailored to your child’s needs

Check out “Invirtua Avatar Adventures,” a wellness care service with an easy-to-use “Parent Portal” button (top of page) that works on any online devices.

Individual Sessions

Avatar Adventures” – our home-based instructional programs for your autistic child, using telehealth (video call) technology with live avatars.

Parent Portal

You’ll be happy to learn we implement the same care and respect for your privacy as health care providers, through our “Parent Portal” and virtual clinic system.

Assisting Therapists

It’s a new approach backed by academic research, that is designed to help parents and therapists engage autistic children more effectively.

Hello! I’m Gary Jesch

Animation for Autism Expert

The greatest joy in my life is to work with autistic children in ways that relieve their anxiety and enable them to learn and develop. I grew up with a family member with moderately severe autism and saw first-hand the challenges he and his parents faced his entire life. It’s so important to me to make a difference and contribute to an easier time for those on the autism spectrum, that I will show up in person (as an avatar) for every session, guaranteed.

Take a Look at a Sample Session

In this video, Braeden and our avatars share highlights of their time together, using animation for autism, over a 15-week period in the summer of 2019. The video call platform used is called “Highfive” and these recordings were made with Braeden’s mother’s permission. Gary Jesch is the voice of Marley and the other characters, and he prepared the content for each session in advance.

Braeden’s goal was to use complete sentences in his speaking, and you can hear his therapists prompt him as he engages with the avatars. Braeden showed high attention and engagement levels and looked forward to each week’s session. He never actually met or saw Gary Jesch, only the avatars.

The videos can be an excellent reference of what happens in the animation for autism sessions and can be reviewed and rated by the family therapists in private. There’s no extra charge to make video recordings.


Flexible and Creative

Children Learn When Anxiety Evaporates

We animate all of our cartoon characters in real time, bringing them to life on the screen so they can interact just like real people. That’s our specialty, combined with many years of experience working with therapists and children in a wide variety of settings. Our animated avatars become their trusted friends, guiding them through teaching moments we share, respecting your family’s values.

Instructional Programs

You can choose from six instructional tracks based on known, established therapeutic frameworks. Each track provides recommendations for steps taken and anticipated outcomes. Our first step is an in-depth conversation about your child’s needs and goals.

Low-Tech Video Calls

Our avatars can appear on your home laptop or computer equipped with a webcam, or we can send you a special device that uses your family’s big-screen TV set and a webcam, so we can see and hear your child and you in the conversations. Call if you can use a little assistance in this department.

Getting Started is Easy


Free Consultation

It works best when we get to know more about you and your child, so let’s have a chat.

Set-up an Appointment

You can decide the best day and time to introduce your child to our friendly avatar.

First Session

Simply join our telehealth call from the “Parent Portal” button via your device’s browser and the avatar is there!

Frequently Asked Questions About Animation for Autism

Are your avatar operators certified autism therapists?

Our avatar pilots have worked alongside professional therapists, helping autistic kids.  We are not professional therapists, however, we do study established and emerging therapies and have professional advisors to guide us when needed.

Do you start with a formal assessment or an IEP review?

We start with a conversation with you, the parent, directly, and we welcome input from any therapists or teachers you might want to name as advisors and caregivers. We are looking for the child’s affinities as well as the challenges and difficulties, and we aspire to help them reach their goals, once we know what they are. We have access to a formal assessment document, the TRIAD Social Skills Assessment, to help us understand your child’s situation. It’s not used all the time. We can bring it to the table when needed.

What results can we expect and how long does it take?

That would be asking us to predict the future, which we cannot do. We can get to know the child and help him or her learn and evolve toward an ultimate potential that’s unique to that person. That said, we have seen some remarkable improvements with our clients.

What computer technology do we need in our homes?

You will need a connection to the Internet and Wifi to a computer, laptop or tablet. Your device will need a webcam and microphone of some type, so we can hear your child. Your child will see and hear our interactive avatar, controlled by an avatar pilot who uses live performance animation to bring it to life.

Is there an alternative if we don’t have a computer, or if we want to use our TV in our living room?

We offer a device called a ScreenRay that plugs into the back of a TV. A webcam will connect to it. At the time of the appointment, all you will need to do (once it is installed), is to switch your TV to the HDMI input and the avatar will appear. No links or connections to be made on your end. There is a monthly fee of $59 to subscribe to this service.

My child loves video games and animation. Is this a video game?

Loving video games and animation will be a big help in getting your child’s attention and engagement. This isn’t a video game, though. Live animation is a creative instrument that produces interactive art in the hands of the operator. We have seen its power first-hand – it’s an extremely flexible and creative way to produce memorable experiences.

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