Enid Bailot – Private Tutor for Autism and Dyslexia

Enid Bailot, a private tutor for autism and dyslexia, serves the Incline Village, NV, area to help children with learning disabilities through her company, Silver Linings Education Services.

She’s been a key member of the Invirtua Advisory Board since 2015, when she assisted us with innovative programs to assist children on the autism spectrum, by one of the first uses of interactive avatars in custom speech-language therapy sessions.

Today she focuses on dyslexia by delivering customized tutoring using telepresence sessions with parents and their children.

Enid Bailot’s journey into speech pathology, coupled with her passion for helping others achieve their full potential through more effective communication skills started over three decades ago in Northern California. Her passion for learning new techniques and being at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements in speech pathology has positioned Enid as a pioneer in her field. As a graduate of the renowned speech pathology program at CSU, Chico, Enid earned both her BA and Masters Degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology, the latter degree earned in only 18 months. During that time period, Enid worked at the Center for Autism Related Disorders (CARD) in San Jose, CA, and trained with Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas from UCLA , where she was on the ground floor of providing Applied Behavior Analysis and private tutoring for children who were diagnosed along the autism spectrum.

Enid’s credentials in the profession of speech pathology expanded greatly while serving in the Santa Clara Unified School District. During her 7 year tenure, Enid received extensive education, training, and certification as a specialist in Autism, Phonological Awareness, and in working with English Language Learners (ELL). Enid developed Phonological Awareness trainings for teachers, which is a crucial component to developing basic reading skills. In this case, over 75% of the student population were classified as ELL students. In addition, Enid was also trained in the framework of the SCERTS (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, and Transactional Support) Model for students who were diagnosed along the autism spectrum. Furthermore, Enid also provided teacher trainings for Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory to integrate curriculum that appealed to all modes of learning. To further her reputation as an expert in her field, Enid also implemented Lindamood Bell trainings into her repertoire. Lastly, Enid also served on the Board of Directors for the Santa Clara Speech Language Hearing Association.

The next stop in Enid’s journey took her to Nevada in the Douglas County School District, where she continued Phonological Awareness trainings for faculty and support staff, as well as conducting SCERTS assessments and providing advocacy in Special Education and under-served student populations. In addition to the aforementioned, Enid also tapped into her love of film and theater and started the Drama Club for students to present theater productions every school year. As a reward for her efforts to go beyond and above for her students, Ms. Bailot was awarded with the Teacher of the Year distinction in 2009 at CC Meneley Elementary School. Enid also served on the Assistive Tech Team for the school district and was chosen to represent the district at the Closing The Gap Technology Convention in Minneapolis, MN.

In order for Enid to expand her influence beyond the classroom, she was inspired to start the Webb Center for Communication and Learning. The mission at WCCL is a threefold approach. First is providing quality advocacy and representation for previously under-served segments of the population. The second component is a passion for lifelong learning reflected in serving others beyond the scope and sequence of the classroom. The final facet is a commitment to providing clients with the means to achieve their full potential in communication through advocacy, and integration of groundbreaking practices and technology.

For more information about Silver Linings Education Services, contact Enid at (775) 790- 2969 to set up a consultation.

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