Eric Haseltine

Eric Haseltine Ph. D.

Dr. Haseltine is President of Haseltine Partners LLC, a management consulting firm that helps senior executives envision the future and develop innovation strategies to survive and thrive in that future.

Eric developed his skills as a futurist and innovation expert by serving as a senior executive at cutting edge organizations such as Hughes Aircraft Company, Walt Disney Imagineering and the National Security Agency.

Trained as a Neuroscientist, Haseltine applies new discoveries about the brain to enhance the human dimension of innovation. He has successfully applied his unique human-centered approach to help organizations in Aerospace, Entertainment, Health Care, Consumer Products and National Security transform and innovate. He is the author of  Long fuse big bang: Achieving long term success through daily victories, published by Hyperion. For five years, he authored both a monthly column and interactive web site on the brain for Discover magazine and is a contributor to Psychology Today’s web site, where he writes a popular blog on the brain that has garnered over 800,000 views. In 2004, Haseltine received the Distinguished Psychologist in Management Award from the Society of Psychologists in Management.

After receiving his PhD in Physiological Psychology from Indiana University and completing one year of post-doctoral training in Neuroanatomy at Vanderbilt Medical School, Eric went to work for Hughes Aircraft Company as an Industrial Psychologist, where he used his training to design user friendly interfaces to high technology defense systems and flight simulators.

Dr. Haseltine’s research in military flight simulation gave him a strong foundation in the emerging field of Virtual Reality, so in 1992 he joined Walt Disney Imagineering to help found the Virtual Reality Studio, which he ultimately ran until his departure from Disney in 2002. When he left Disney, Dr. Haseltine was Executive Vice President of Imagineering and head of R&D for the entire Disney Corporation, including film, television, theme parks, Internet and consumer products.

In the aftermath of 9/11, Eric joined the National Security Agency as its Associate Director, in charge of   Research and Development, where he directed a broad range of intelligence technology projects including cyber technology and cyber defense.

When Congress created the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Dr. Haseltine was promoted in 2005 to become its first CTO (Associate Director National Intelligence, reporting to the Director). In his two years there, Eric oversaw all Science and Technology efforts within the United States Intelligence Community as well as fostering development innovative new technologies for countering cyber threats and terrorism. For his work on counter-terrorism, he received the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal in 2007.

Dr. Haseltine serves on numerous boards, and is an active consultant, speaker and writer.

Over the past three years, Eric has focused heavily on developing innovation strategies and consumer applications for the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Haseltine continues to do basic research in Neuroscience, with his most recent publications focusing on the mind-body health connection and exploitation of big-data to uncover subtle, but important trends in mental and physical health.

Eric has 41 published patents and patent applications in optics, media and entertainment technology.

He has recently completed work on two books slated for publication this year.  The first, titled “Brain Candy” takes readers on a fun, shocking journey of discovery through their own brains. The other title, “Healing secrets your doctor will never tell you ”– co-written with Chris Gilbert MD PhD– shows how to let go of disease by letting go of the emotional problems that cause disease.


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