Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain, Founder of Reservoir

Shreya is from Mumbai, India and has partnered with Invirtua to use our interactive avatars in her virtual clinic there.

After pursuing her dual degree course in Chemical Engineering and MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai, Shreya quit her job to start Reservoir. Drawing inspiration from her autistic brother, she entered the field of special needs and realized how India lacks the resources for this community. She spent three months in New York, while working with Global Autism Project, to learn the different opportunities available, to bring home a new vision.

Shreya started working with Gary in mid- 2020, acquired her 3D Digital Puppeteer system and characters, and began intensive training via remote video call sessions. Today, she and her colleagues, including a speech therapist, have several clients who attend Avatar Adventure sessions from their homes. The portability of the system and the ability to do telehealth sessions works well for her practice and her clients.

Shreya’s web site address is Reservoir


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