Digital Characters from Invirtua Land

If the child in you likes cartoon characters, you will love Invirtua’s interactive digital characters, including the fish characters from our show, “My Fish People,” including Morphie, Marley, Delta, Genus and Stickler. If your tastes lean more toward realistic avatars, you might be attracted to Ben, the young boy; Baby Dee and Baby Jay or Digital Dan. Or you might just want to experiment to see attracts your attention, perhaps Sharky, CHOPS, Yap or Kikof the Dinosaur.

Each of Invirtua’s interactive digital characters in Avatar Adventures has its own set of facial expressions, custom animations, video backgrounds and overlays, and even complete “rooms,” in the case of the Dancing Babies, who also have some pretty amazing dance moves.

CHOPS Live Animation specializes in custom character creation for its software systems and offers a wide variety of existing characters. You’ll find that using our system, it’s easy to bring interactive digital characters to life in such a way that they can perform and interact just like in films, only it’s real time – they speak when you do and you can control their eyes and size on the screen with simple movements of the pen on the digital tablet.

‚ÄčTo see more characters and some of the videos we’ve recorded, please use the links below to visit our video gallery at

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